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 Provides tools, calculators, information, resources, study materials for  mechanical designers and engineers,  manufacturing professionals.

Our partnership is about having the expertise and the know-how to turn ideas into projects.

Supported by a professional team , MEPS is committed to deliver the best resources in the field.


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What  do mechanical engineers do ?


Mechanical engineers create products, developpe processes, improve reliability and safety. They are
involved in all projects in the mechanical field and their expertise is required in many areas as:
  • Research & Development into products. 
  • Design, mechanical components, machinery, piping ,cars, aircrafts, plants – and the list goes on!
  • Project specifications, Project Management, Costs, Suppliers, Sub-contractors .
  • Methods, processes, planning, project control,  manufacturing, reliability,  safety.
Here are few examples of many types of  projects made by mechanical engineers, or have the required
expertise of a mechanical engineer :

Modern gravel manufacturing plant structure